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Data Security and Privacy Protection

Amid the rapid development of high technologies such as e-commerce, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and big-data, huge opportunities come along with various risks, such as hacker attacks, computer virus, lack of adequate knowledge and risk management of data security and privacy protection in the enterprises. As e-commerce grows rapidly and technologies of big-data, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and machine learning are widely applied, a vast volume of data is collected and processed during the operations that in turns greatly increases the risk of leakage of sensitive and confidential personal data.

Risk of litigation soars as a result of continuous increase in scale and complexity of breach and stringent requirements and standards by the regulatory bodies.

Therefore, enterprises have to turn from passively monitoring to proactively protecting personal information and data, enhancing its capability in data leakage avoidance and to formulate a set of personal data privacy regulation which is practical and comparable to the international standard.

Our firm will assist clients to cope with the change in international standard and advise on issues of cyber security and cross-border personal data privacy protection in Hong Kong, Mainland and worldwide, such as compliance with "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" of European Union and "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486)" of Hong Kong.

Comprehensive and effective Data Security as well as Privacy Protection and Risk Management can promote corporate image, raise the enterprise credibility and facilitate the expansion of business to international market.