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Employees' Compensation and Personal Injuries

We are sophisticated in acting for individual clients to claim for employees' compensation and damages for personal injuries or death arising from accidents or occurrences of different natures, including accidents in construction, transportation and catering industries, traffic accidents, medical negligence, injuries in public areas, and accidents related to building management.

We are in the Legal Aid Department's Panel of Solicitors to help those less privileged pursue claims for work accidents and personal injuries, and will provide pro bono preliminary legal consultations as well as compensation assessments to the clients and their relatives.

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Our legal services include:

  • Legal research and advice on assessing the amount of compensation
  • Striving for the most reasonable amount of compensation for injured parties through mediations, negotiations or litigations
  • Preparing legal documents including writs, statement of damages, all kinds of applications and witness statements
  • Engaging medical experts to prepare professional medical reports assessing impairment of the whole person and loss of earning capacity
  • Drafting and preparing documents for Court hearings
  • Attending Court hearings