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Divorce, Family and Matrimonial
As we understand that marital problems may cause great suffering to clients, we will tackle the difficulties together with them, advise and assist them to resolve the problems and speed up the legal proceedings.

Our legal services include:
  • Divorce Petition (contentious or non-contentious)
  • Drafting Deed of Separation
  • Recovering maintenance payment
  • Application for guardianship, wardship and/or custody
  • Matrimonial ancillary relief application
  • Handling disputes following divorce on asset distribution
  • Petition for nullity of marriage
  • Application to the Court for Injunction of transfer of asset
  • Application for injunction of relocation of child from the jurisdiction of Hong Kong
  • Application for injunction of domestic violence
We also accept appointment from the Courts in Mainland to provide Hong Kong and foreign law ascertainment reports and attend Court hearings.