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Cross-Border Asset Management and Trust

Under 'One Country, Two Systems', no matter a Hong Kong resident or a Mainland resident; living in Hong Kong or Mainland, attention should be paid on management and succession of assets in Hong Kong.

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services related to asset and wealth management, including personal or family financial planning, asset and wealth management, transfer and protection, etc.

We provide professional legal services and advices to our clients on the following issues based on clients' requirement and the actual situation: -

  • Inheritance, Management and Distribution of Family Assets
  • Operating and Restructuring of Family Enterprises
  • Personal and Family Trusts
  • Charitable Funds
  • Wills, Probate and Enduring Power of Attorney (Please visit the page of "Wills, Probate and Enduring Power of Attorney" for further information of our legal services)